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Hope it's safe to introduce myself here...

Hi, I'm an anime and book fan, 37 years old and living in California... For a long time I didn't really like yaoi or shounen ai (no I'm not here to talk about that at all) but now I'm starting to get into it. I'm looking for a safe place to admit stuff like that I still mostly like het (I know some people don't, and I'm certainly not about to talk about it here, but, well, I do), and that I get enough of ultra-bishounen in general after a while. (I do like some of them, I try to get beyond that and appreciate the character, but when I have to keep reminding myself that it's a guy it's hard to get beyond that for slash or other purposes).

I do like yuri a bit as well (though I realize this community isn't about that either), though I personally can't handle futanari (the girls with male parts thing).

My favorite pairings are actually those between men who are friends (first pairing I ever got into was the still-unpopular Jet/Spike from Cowboy Bebop) rather than men who are enemies. (I understand the appeal of the latter, and it does make for some cool fanarts, but I still prefer the former).

In general I tend to prefer milder shounen-ai type stuff, though I have read some really good NC-17 fanfics so I'm staring to expand my mind a bit.

Hope it's OK that I'm here, I know I may not exactly fit in... I'm certainly not here to talk about anything that would offend anyone.
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