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mmm, tastes like first posting

Hey, all. Stumbled across this place via a link in fanficrants, spent a couple of minutes burbling happily over its very existence, and decided, hey, if the smart fits...

Anyhow. Not quite a complaint, but hoping to open stuff up to discussion, here.

Anyone else think yaoi fic needs to slow down?

I've noticed that my personal pairing trend--het, m/m, or f/f--tends towards couples who don't always seem, in canon, to be at a promising starting point. The whole appeal of those pairings, for me at least, is that they'd take a very long time to eventually gravitate to a position of being comfortable with one another, with any number of possible ways available for them to connect. Thus, to make a really stupid metaphor, fic about them would have to be like a Broadway musical: setup at the beginning, and several hours of song, dance, and working-through of psychological issues before you hit the big finale with the kiss at the end.

Unfortunately, a lot of awesome pairings get cheated out of the song-and-dance, and skip straight from setup to big finale. Not just in the fanfiction.net-type-drek--which is going to be around until the end of everything, and is comparatively easy to ignore--but by otherwise smart writers. It's pretty frustrating; vignettes and woohoo-brief-hot-encounter one-shots aren't bad, but dangit, sometimes it is all about the frickin' journey, you know?

Any fellow gripes/suggestions as to how to encourage a little more song-and-dance/jokes about Entirely New Yaoi Musicals? ^_~
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