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Hey everyone

Just joined yesterday, and now I shall come to make a post. ^__^

I can already start off with several problems in the yaoi fandom that are really annoying me...

1. Teeny-bopper-fangirls. The ones who go "omfg!!111111111eleven11111 yumz i needz 2 c me 2 bishiez boyz start get n it on NOWZ!!!11111 dat it sow to2ly HAWT!1111one11eleven". I hate it when I get reviews like this for my fanfictions...

2. The "death to het, yuri, & bishoujo!" thing... I just started getting into Yu Gi Oh, and notced Anzu was the only real main gal character. I thought she seemed cool. Right when I start getting into the fandom, I notice there's an ongoing-war of 'omg Anzu must DIIIIEEEE she can't HAVE Yugi omfg no11111111!!11'. I notice that's also going on with Relena in Gundam Wing and Rinoa in FF8 pretty bad... Seriously, I think hating bishoujo because you don't like seeing them paired with the guys is rather dumb... Also the het-hating, when tons of these fans ARE straight girls. I think a lot of them have this "If I can't have him; no GIRL can!" thing going on or something... I mean... they're not real... they need to face facts and get over it. x__x;;;

3. The "Seme vs. Uke" wars... Oh GODS this is annoying... If Squall is seme with Seifer in a fic, the world is not going to end! I'm suddenly seeing these wars going on everywhere I go. I don't see WHY it matters... What other people write doesn't have to effect what you read/write/like, so why flame about it? In a couple of the Jin/Hwoarang Tekken fics I wrote, I was flamed both times by people saying "OMG my hwoarang was UKE in this he is only SEME and Jin UKE!!!111one" Good grief... I'm also seeing this going on with a lot of the yaoi pairings in Inuyasha. Some people act like hell has come to earth when Inuyasha is seme or even ACTS seme in a fic.

But okay... I'll stop ranting now... It just annoys me because I love yaoi so much, just like yuri and het, yet I see how the fandom's being labeled that we're all bishoujo-hating teeny-boppers, when that's not true.
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