Ipsum Sedis (varons_typist) wrote in smart_guylovin,
Ipsum Sedis


I love it when intelligence is applied to any genre of literature, and more so to the genres I LOVE. This is the perfect writer's community (well, for yaoi fiction at least), because it obviously isn't afraid to tell the hard truth. Writing is a skill, not a gift.

Okay, so here's the reason that brought me to searching all the shounen-ai related communities and journals lj has to offer: be warned, it *is* an advertisement. But for shounen-ai roleplay.

Enjoy shounen-ai? Have an original character that you want to put into interactive fiction? Novena Academy roleplay forum is just the place for that... ^_^

I don't mean to spam with this shameless advertisement (shameless, I tell you!), but there's really no other way to get the messege out to everybody without a little annoying propaganda. *nervous laugh*

Erm... have some adorable graphics to compensate! The picture is also a link to the site. Because it's fancy.


You can't ignore that faaace! :D
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