✦ Citty ✦ (lilrand0m_chik) wrote in smart_guylovin,
✦ Citty ✦

Yo Yo YO !!

Hay!! How's it goin!? Lol, I've been searching and searching for just the right communities that could help me in my conquest... okay, here's the deal>

I, yes I, have a problem with writer's block, and so sometimes, while I try to focus on this one fic, my head just keeps on piling it with new ideas for other fics/fandoms. So for now, I'm goin to put them all down in this book. I have quite a few =3. and so, I was wondering- If anyone would like to be inspired to do a fic of their own with my storylinses (or you are REALLY bored and just feel like writing whatever) in it. =3. WHY and WHAT do I get out of it? I would get to read my ideas in someone's, most likley, better thought out brain then mine =3.

I dont really care if you dont mention that you got the idea from me, but it would be appreciated. So if you're interested then just contact me by e-mail- tewhetu15@hotmail.com

Thank you!!
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