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A fun exercise...

Not too long ago I began compiling a list of fanfiction cliches (see my original blog post here); I started this project with the idea of making it a regular part of my site. Anyway, I want to post the first completed draft of the list sometime next week when I update the fanfic I'm currently working on, and was wondering if anyone here has cliches to add. It can be about yaoi, yuri, fanon, mary sues, songfics-- as long as it relates to fanfic.

(some suggestions about where to cross-post this would also be helpful-- I plan on posting at marysues once I'm done here)
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Here are some suggestions from me (two of which are Harry Potter related):

Law of Rivalry: The more they hate each other, the more they, obviously, must be lusting for one another.

Law of Angst~!: Angst is sexy, and therefore, is generally more respected than fluff. Fluff is angst's bitch.

Rules of Diction: Use the word "beautiful" a lot when referring to your hot male protagonists. Also, describe their skin as either, "ivory," "soft," or "surprisingly warm." The last one will make it look like you added a subtle layer of depth to the character.

Ron's Lament: Even if it's a Ron x Harry fanfic, Harry *has* to have a relationship with Draco first. Or some random guy at a bar.

Ron's Lament Revisited: And even when Ron and Harry end up together, unnecessary and extravagent plot twists and OOCness must occur to make sure that the audience will continue reading. Because we all know that we want Ron to become a depressed stripper in London, and for Harry to come running after him to ask for his forgiveness for marrying Ginny, right?
Thanks ^_^ I was able to use the non-Harry Potter ones-- don't want the list to become too fandom-specific (though I am thinking of posting a list of FF7 fanon sometime in the future). Here's the revised list, which I just posted today.