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Hope it's safe to introduce myself here...

Hi, I'm an anime and book fan, 37 years old and living in California... For a long time I didn't really like yaoi or shounen ai (no I'm not here to talk about that at all) but now I'm starting to get into it. I'm looking for a safe place to admit stuff like that I still mostly like het (I know some people don't, and I'm certainly not about to talk about it here, but, well, I do), and that I get enough of ultra-bishounen in general after a while. (I do like some of them, I try to get beyond that and appreciate the character, but when I have to keep reminding myself that it's a guy it's hard to get beyond that for slash or other purposes).

I do like yuri a bit as well (though I realize this community isn't about that either), though I personally can't handle futanari (the girls with male parts thing).

My favorite pairings are actually those between men who are friends (first pairing I ever got into was the still-unpopular Jet/Spike from Cowboy Bebop) rather than men who are enemies. (I understand the appeal of the latter, and it does make for some cool fanarts, but I still prefer the former).

In general I tend to prefer milder shounen-ai type stuff, though I have read some really good NC-17 fanfics so I'm staring to expand my mind a bit.

Hope it's OK that I'm here, I know I may not exactly fit in... I'm certainly not here to talk about anything that would offend anyone.
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No need to be so cautionary around us! We're reasonable people here, just not sane (would we be online if we were?)
Hey, it's you! And thanks, yeah, I'm just a bit overly shy.
I get the impression you're following me *g*
Hey, it's okay...

I like het and yuri as well as yaoi. For me, it's more the character dynamics that make for good romance/sex, not as much the parts involved.

That being said, however, I don't like the uber-bishies/uke-types. I think men who look like men are sexy, and I don't mind a bit of muscle/a nice toned body on my boys instead of them looking like a flat chested anorexic supermodel.
For me, it's more the character dynamics that make for good romance/sex, not as much the parts involved.


As long as the characters are believable, and remain intact throughout the story, I'm happy.

I dislike the "Big, Manly Seme must be paired up with Little, Girly Uke" stereotype, but this doesn't bother me NEARLY so much as when this stereotype is forced upon characters who wouldn't normally act that way.
Oh... I love futa. Mm-mm.
Well, no offense then... I'd just rather there were more non-futa available, but hey, that's me... sorry if I said anything wrong there.
I just like almost every form of hentai out there... Het, yaoi, yuri, futa, BDSM, tentacles, etc. Most people don't agree with me, but it's all cool. Whatever floats their boat.

Tentacles? Actually I've always harbored a secret desire to watch "Legend of the Overfiend." I'll probably never do it, but eh, maybe.
I found it a beautiful movie for the artistic aspects and messages about humanity instead of... well, the sex. Most people disagree with me and see it as just plain porn, though.

This may not be much, but hey-- welcome to the community! It's nice to have someone who likes m/m and m/f, as well as f/f. :D
*waves* Hey, welcome. And actually, your tastes sound a lot like mine (however, I'm not too much into yuri, though I do love Utena) ^_^
I got into yaoi after reading slash for Western fandoms (Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, etc.) for about 2 years prior, and I've found that, sadly enough, the majority of yaoi fandom is made up of bratty 13-year-olds who carry out their adolescent fantasies through poor, unfortunate male characters. I can't stand the het-bashing, the bishoujo-bashing, the weepy ukes, the "OMG THEY'RE RIVALS WE MUST MAKE THEM HAVE HOT MONKEY SEX" complex - ugh. I mean, there's a lot of really amazing fic out there, but to find it, you have to wade through the festering piles of shit.

What is it about anime fandom that attracts the braindead? Not that the Harry Potter or LotR fandoms are any better, but with anime and yaoi fandom as large as it is, you'd think there'd be more people who realize that ukes don't have to look like breastless women. ><

Mmm, Spike/Jet. (High five for liking that pairing, too - one of the most underappreciated pairings out there.) And I find futanari to be disturbing as well, especially when people think it constitutes yaoi and therefore post it on yaoi image boards. *was scarred irreparably*