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A rant from me. . .

Why do a lot (and I'm not meaning *all,* because I personally know at least four WxV/VxW or MidxWolf/WolfxMid writers who aren't like this) of Trigun yaoi writers dismiss canon het, especially WolfwoodxMilly?

I'm posting this rant because I've seen a lot of stuff posted (in reviews and author notes) at the Pit of Voles basically saying how much they hate WolfwoodxMilly. Some of the actions I've seen fic writers take to avoid this pairing are: crossing over mangaverse so it doesn't happen, writing that Milly called Vash into the room and watched them, writing that Wolfwood only slept with Milly to have a baby for himself and Vash. . .*screams*

This honestly annoys me beyond belief. I *will not* read a yaoi fic by an author who makes a point of either slamming Milly or denying that there was *anything* between her and Wolfwood. Nor do I much like fics by writers that somehow make Vash entirely gay because it's IMHO OOC.

The one note I'd like to make to these squealing fangirls is that bisexuality exists. There is NO reason why Wolfwood can't love Milly and still have been in a relationship with Midvalley at some point. There is no reason why Wolfwood can't love both Vash and Milly. And there is no reason why Vash has to not have any interests in women to love Wolfwood.

That brings me to the second rant. Crying ukes in Trigun yaoi. NO. >< Legato may be an uke, but he is definitely not the "crying uke" like the infamous Shuichi Shindou. Even worse are the writers that totally characterize either Vash or Wolfwood as "crying ukes."

I can see Vash being kind of like that when he's on a low mood swing or something. . .or maybe with Knives when they're younger if you're into twincest, but NOT all the time. >< And Wolfwood. . .is definitely no crying uke, not for a second. ><


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