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mmm, tastes like first posting

Hey, all. Stumbled across this place via a link in fanficrants, spent a couple of minutes burbling happily over its very existence, and decided, hey, if the smart fits...

Anyhow. Not quite a complaint, but hoping to open stuff up to discussion, here.

Anyone else think yaoi fic needs to slow down?

I've noticed that my personal pairing trend--het, m/m, or f/f--tends towards couples who don't always seem, in canon, to be at a promising starting point. The whole appeal of those pairings, for me at least, is that they'd take a very long time to eventually gravitate to a position of being comfortable with one another, with any number of possible ways available for them to connect. Thus, to make a really stupid metaphor, fic about them would have to be like a Broadway musical: setup at the beginning, and several hours of song, dance, and working-through of psychological issues before you hit the big finale with the kiss at the end.

Unfortunately, a lot of awesome pairings get cheated out of the song-and-dance, and skip straight from setup to big finale. Not just in the fanfiction.net-type-drek--which is going to be around until the end of everything, and is comparatively easy to ignore--but by otherwise smart writers. It's pretty frustrating; vignettes and woohoo-brief-hot-encounter one-shots aren't bad, but dangit, sometimes it is all about the frickin' journey, you know?

Any fellow gripes/suggestions as to how to encourage a little more song-and-dance/jokes about Entirely New Yaoi Musicals? ^_~
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My problem is that I have a near-complete inability to write longfic. So I'll take a certain point and write about that, rather than get the whole spectrum at once.
I think part of the issue is the supposed limitations of the short story format. There can be interesting relationships established in a short amount of time, and I agree with you that some of the worst are the Instant Lovetm ones that pops up in a lot of fics.

Longfic requires a huge, huge commitment... frequently spanning years (I'm currently into my second year of my second epic, titled-- ironically enough-- Loveless). This can apply to the readers as well; the wonderful thing that I've found is that there are those who will stick with your story through the end, provided you update on a regular basis.
Anyone else think yaoi fic needs to slow down?

I think the short response to this question would be "hell, yes!"

To flesh it out a bit - on a case-by-case basis, sometimes shorter fic can do a good job. Of course, people tend to forget that 'short stories' can be 15,000 words long or so. That's a fair chunk of "time", if you write it properly.

But when it comes to instant!love fics, I think the VAST majority of them tend to be pretty uninteresting.

vignettes and woohoo-brief-hot-encounter one-shots aren't bad, but dangit, sometimes it is all about the frickin' journey, you know?

I totally agree. For NaNoWriMo this year I'm going to write a pairing-inspired piece of fanfic (Nuriko X Nakago) that I expect to take at least the requisite 50,000 words to get the characters together in some sense of the word. It was originally a challenge given to me by a friend to have Nakago as a sub in a pairing (since both of us agree that he's TOTALLY a subby-boy underneath), but now it's decided to be an introspective piece about personal identity, human relations, "owing" things to people and ourselves, etc, that just happens to be displayed on the tableau of "these two characters will eventually get together".

So yeah, it's *all* about the journey for me.
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