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Hey everyone

Just joined yesterday, and now I shall come to make a post. ^__^

I can already start off with several problems in the yaoi fandom that are really annoying me...

1. Teeny-bopper-fangirls. The ones who go "omfg!!111111111eleven11111 yumz i needz 2 c me 2 bishiez boyz start get n it on NOWZ!!!11111 dat it sow to2ly HAWT!1111one11eleven". I hate it when I get reviews like this for my fanfictions...

2. The "death to het, yuri, & bishoujo!" thing... I just started getting into Yu Gi Oh, and notced Anzu was the only real main gal character. I thought she seemed cool. Right when I start getting into the fandom, I notice there's an ongoing-war of 'omg Anzu must DIIIIEEEE she can't HAVE Yugi omfg no11111111!!11'. I notice that's also going on with Relena in Gundam Wing and Rinoa in FF8 pretty bad... Seriously, I think hating bishoujo because you don't like seeing them paired with the guys is rather dumb... Also the het-hating, when tons of these fans ARE straight girls. I think a lot of them have this "If I can't have him; no GIRL can!" thing going on or something... I mean... they're not real... they need to face facts and get over it. x__x;;;

3. The "Seme vs. Uke" wars... Oh GODS this is annoying... If Squall is seme with Seifer in a fic, the world is not going to end! I'm suddenly seeing these wars going on everywhere I go. I don't see WHY it matters... What other people write doesn't have to effect what you read/write/like, so why flame about it? In a couple of the Jin/Hwoarang Tekken fics I wrote, I was flamed both times by people saying "OMG my hwoarang was UKE in this he is only SEME and Jin UKE!!!111one" Good grief... I'm also seeing this going on with a lot of the yaoi pairings in Inuyasha. Some people act like hell has come to earth when Inuyasha is seme or even ACTS seme in a fic.

But okay... I'll stop ranting now... It just annoys me because I love yaoi so much, just like yuri and het, yet I see how the fandom's being labeled that we're all bishoujo-hating teeny-boppers, when that's not true.
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Although I hate Rinoa (I think she was a Sue of the worst form) I agree with the general point of your rant. I'm for equality rather than seme/uke, and I loathe shotacon. . . ^_^
Thanks for giving Relena a shout! We all know fangirls just want to jump her for all the Yaoi she's got under her bed. XD *cough*inside joke*cough*

Seme v.s. Uke war... X_x Once the writing bug bites me more, I'm going to try to write Quatre paired with each of the other G-Boys, and he's going to top them ALL. (Uber!Uke Quatre = NOOO!) XD Honestly, if I had to label an ultra-mega uke on that show, it'd be Heero! I could even see Relena topping him with a battery operated boyfriend! XD But, does the world end for me if Heero's seme? Hell no! (I find it quite amusing to see my prized uke top other guys every now and then. XD)

Seifer and Squall just have to sleep with each other to make me happy. ^_~ I don't care who's seme or uke. (Rinoa'd better not be bashed though!)

Yaoi is the best IMO, but Yuri and Het are still awesome. ^_^

I love your icon BTW! =D
Once the writing bug bites me more, I'm going to try to write Quatre paired with each of the other G-Boys, and he's going to top them ALL

*laughs* That would be GREAT. XD That's sort of what I'm doing during break in a Tekken fic I'm writing.

I'm just getting into GW, but Relena seems cool. She and Dorothy should go and... *wink wink*, LOL. And I kind of like seme Duo myself XD, but as you said, the world will not at all end if he is uke. Though, those doujins that turn him IN to a women are a bit, um... something... o__o *laughs*

And thanks for icon comment!
I like het and yuri better than yaoi, but I like them all. If other people don't, it's none of my business, but I have to admit I don't know where the "het is icky" idea comes from at all.

But the actual bashing of female characters somtimes troubles me. If teenage girls can't see female characters as positive that's a little disturbing.

And some of these girls don't even have canon relationships with these guys they want to pair up, so I don't know what's up with that.

The seme thing... I don't get it, and I'm not into yaoi yet enough to get I think. (But... Inu-Yasha as everybody's uke? Why? He's young and cute but he's also pretty freaking mean when he wants to be, and sexually who even knows what he'd be like?)

And some people (not all of them teens) get... squealy and it's annoying. I think hot yaoi and sex are fine if that's what you're into, but hot sex is not what the whole fandom is about, yet some people go on and on on the net listing all the sex acts they'd like to see the "bishies" do to each other, and saying it's all they ever think about. Even though I know they're kidding (I hope they're kidding ><) it gets annoying. I make remarks and jokes about smut too! Just... calm down for heaven's sake.
Well, basically with the whole seme vs. uke thing, squealing fangirls either want their favourite guys to always be the dominate parter, or the submissive one, usually depending on what they like themselves I guess. I never really cared that much, I just like fics to be in-character. I honestly think Inuyasha is more seme-ish than many of these people are making him out to be, or obsessing over... But a lot of them have Inuyasha acting like a little girl in yaoi fanfics, which annoys me. You want your fanfic readers to be thinking "wow, this could happen!" while reading it, not "O...kay...x___x;;". *laughs*

And regarding the 24-7 yaoi-smutter people you just mentioned, you can just bet they'll grow out of fanning it that way eventually. I've been into fandoms for years now, and I've seen a lot of the people I knew who were once rabids tone it down a bit over the years, lol.
That's true, these people will calm down someday and it's not the world's most pressing problem. I just don't like it when people who don't like yaoi get the impression that all it means is whatever man you see you picture him having graphic sex with another man. But people who don't like yaoi need to think for themselves too.

But yeah, the seme/uke thing -- if people can't agree on who the seme is that strikes me a sign in itself that it doesn't always have to be one person. I like more "reversible" couples very much, so I don't think about it that way. Plus even though some men (even in real life) will like to the top or the bottom all the time it doesn't always mean they have a certain personality.
And yes I agree too that the 'seme vs. uke' is pretty stupid.
I use to hate seeing Heero being seme all the time because it was overrated. But nowadays,I don't really care anymore and being upset is just as dumb as the people getting upset about how they view Heero and what they want to see him as.

To each their own and shut up,is what i say.:)
Here here! Yeah... Heero is definitely one of the most argued character over. I'm always seeing people fighting over if it should be 1x2 or 2x1. I mean... if they really get together, I doubt one of them will be seme %100 of the time. X_X

I'm also getting annoyed by the same thing in the Linkin Park slash fandom. I seriously don't know how much I can take of all that Chester/Mike vs. Mike/Chester arguing/flaming over. As you said, each to their own, like what ya' want, and don't trash other people for what they like. ^_^
Urk. >__<;; I <3 Anzu...Yûgi/Anzu is so many levels of cute...

I don't think that het and yuri, as well as the hot chicks involved therein, should be bashed. And I'm a gay guy saying this...>3

And the seme/uke wars are stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I mean, RL m/m relationships are NOT like that, and when you try to tell those arguing fangirls that...oy. Bitchfest. Besides, I think they're trying to make a same-sex pairing into a bad parody of a heterosexual relationship. Urgh. If you really want girls with dicks, there's futanari! >3
*laughs at the striked line* XD This is a late response, but I of course agree with you. I'm les, and I think the arguing over sub/dom in yuri is stupid just like the seme vs. uke wars... Same thing with bashing of bishoujo or bishounen. Sailor Moon's one of my main fandoms, and I can't even begin to describe how bad poor Mamoru gets it. >>; People just need to learn not to take this stuff so seriously, rather het, yaoi, or yuri. >.

Deleted comment

Thanks. XD

People who act like their favourite characters&pairings reign surpreme over everyone else's and get nasty about it are the ones responsible for ruining so many fandom's fanbases. -.-" in general is starting to scare me with how serious some people take all of this stuff...

I'm a lesbian, and I support het/yaoi/yuri all equally. =D I'm not picky about what I'll read, since I'll ship or support just about any pairing that's not downright 'wtf' material like pairing some 50 year old man with some 10 year old boy or something... >> I just try not to let corrupted fanbases affect my opinions on things. >.<

I like Relena/Dorothy. ^-^ Haven't read many GW fics in general, but yeah, I can see people fighting over the sub/dom with them. (Though I think the semevsuke 1x2x1 war is one of the worst ones taking place on the net today..)

*laughs* And I know near to nothing about any of the FF games since I haven't played them yet, but Rinoa's hated so much by most of the ff8 yaoi fans that I think most people've noticed it rather they've played the games or not.
I have to say I agree about the whole "let's hate every female character thing." A lot of the time for me I feel that most of the female characters are annoying and useless *smacks them when the enemy *always* captures them* But when I find a female character I like I'm like "HOLYCRAPSTAYWITHMEFOREVER!!1!!"

I wouldn't mind reading het if I could stumble on the good ones more. Ones that aren't "OMG I love you, let me touch your soft, round, suddenly humungo breasts, and we'll make love. And we'll have precious babies!!!!11!!" Or if the person also liked yaoi/yuri becuase I tend to find the ones who are against that write fairly bad/cheesy het work. Maybe not in all cases, but that's why I stopped reading a lot of it. Or the characters become Sues...or they are Sues...Ack I have had some bad experiance reading het. Not to say there aren't any good ones. I found quite a few I enjoyed in the Gundam Wing fandom.

Oh god the whole uke/seme thing...don't even get me started on that.

I personally can't stand, though, when they suddenly take a strong, male character and turn him into a whiny little bitch. Shoot me, please.
Agree with you in everything and about the seme/uke part, all I have to say is: They should all take turns and be happy forever!!!
I like you. ^_^ I understand the whole "I hate Relena for loving Heero", for I too, was once one. *insert gaspage here* Luckily, I dragged myself free and see Relena as quite a lovable character.

And the whole "Seme/Uke Wars" thing. ...*eye twitch* People like certain pairings. *eye twitch vein pop* Like you said, "If Squall is seme with Seifer in a fic, the world is not going to end!"

(There is only one "war" I like, and it's only because their all friends and make a joke out of it. ^^ It's cute...)

*Cough* Anywho. That is all.