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...Some fans need a serious reality check.
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Critisizing the more extreme fans of yaoi, slash, boys' love, and gay fiction.
This is a community intended for fans of slash and/or BL/yaoi to complain about some rabid fans in their particular fandoms. Such things that may be discussed are the bashing of female characters, stereotypes of gay men depicted in slash fanfiction, hatred towards heterosexual characters and relationships, unfair depictions of het in slash fanfiction, attitudes that all good-looking male characters absolutely must be gay, disregard of established canon personalities and relationships, and so forth.

Flames and insults we have received for our craft may also be included here. Feel free to post flames you have received which say things such as "OMG! Grosss! you f@g, i can't beeleev u put them 2geter! de ppl who made this serees wud be sooooo insulted by this trash! burn in hell!!!!!1111(oneoneone)". This is generally not what we are about, though. We are mostly for complaining about fellow yaoi/BL/slash fans. Thus, flames such as "omg ur fanfic suckd i hate her why no yaoi???" also work.

This community is not intended for homophobia or hatred/dislike towards gay people. This community is pro-gay. If you, for some reason, have a bone to pick with homosexuals, bisexuals, pansexuals, transexuals, gay rights, gay marriage, gay adoption, and so forth, please take it somewhere else. This is not the place for such matters. Any post containing hatred or bigotry towards gay people will be deleted upon sight and the person who posted it will be banned immediately without notice. We tend to see yaoi/BL/slash as a realm of fantasy (which is what it is), and look down upon idiots people who see it as more than that.

This community is pro-slash, pro-BL and pro-yaoi.

Despite how tempting it may seem, and despite the nature of this community, please do not talk down to anyone else or have a "holier than thou" attitude. If you do so, the moderator is not to be held responsible for any wankiness or flame wars that come about. Shance will only step in if things get out of hand, and will make a decision based on the situation.

Lastly, I apologize for the eltist-sounding name. Shance was very tired when creating this community, and didn't realize that the name sounded a little elitist until a few hours later.